The Tomb Bridge on Lif3.com allows you to move assets between to and from Tomb Chain. Tomb Chain is a Layer 2 built on top of the existing Fantom blockchain. Because it is an entirely separate blockchain system, investors will need to move assets to the Tomb Chain network from the Fantom network via "bridging," a process to move assets between two blockchains. The Lif3 protocol offers a simple and fast bridge for onboarding to Tomb Chain.

The Tomb Bridge allows you to transfer tokens such as: $USDC, $LIF3, $BTC, $FTM, $TOMB, etc. To sustain the development of the protocol this bridge comes with a small fee.

Using the Tomb Bridge from Fantom to Tomb Chain incurs a 0.1% bridge fee and transaction gas costs ($FTM). Bridging out of Tomb Chain requires a 2 $TOMB fee, in addition to any transaction gas costs ($TOMB).

*Please make sure you have at least 2.1 TOMB for bridging out

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