Opening a position

Click on "Long" or "Short" depending on which side you would like to open a leverage position on.

  • Long position

    • Earns a profit if the token's price goes up

    • Makes a loss if the token's price goes down

  • Short position

    • Earns a profit if the token's price goes down

    • Makes a loss if the token's price goes up

After selecting your side, key in the amount you want to pay and the leverage you want to use. In the below, example 9 FTM worth 5.04 USD is being used to buy a 4.30x FTM (Fantom) long position of size 21.61 USD

The "Entry Price" is $0.54 and the Liquidation Price is $0.53.

Below the long dialogue box you would also see the Exit Price, which is the price that would be used to calculate profits if you open and then immediately close a position. The exit price will change with the price of the token you are longing or shorting.

The trading fee to open a position is 0.1% of the position size, similarly there is a 0.1% fee when closing the position.

There is also a borrow fee that is deducted at the start of every hour. This is the fee paid to the counter-party of your trade. The fee per hour will vary based on utilization; it is calculated as (assets borrowed) / (total assets in pool) * 0.01%. The borrow fee for longing or shorting is shown below the swap box.

While there are no price impacts for trades, there can be slippage due to price movements between when your trade transaction is submitted and when it is confirmed on the blockchain. Slippage is the difference between the expected price of the trade and the execution price. This can be customised by clicking on the "..." in the top right of the page next to your wallet address.

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