The Terrace is a Tomb Chain-based decentralised lending/borrowing and leverage farming protocol that allows users to participate as lenders or borrowers in isolated lending pools. Users can deposit LP tokens in their respective vaults, which act as autocompounders, automating the process of depositing LPs in the Garden, selling farm rewards to buy more of the underlying assets, and compound LPs back into their position.

Optional: For additional risk and reward, users can also leverage their LP positions by borrowing the underlying assets and creating LPs to amplify their LP farming positions and earn increased rewards. This requires taking on loans and can result in liquidation, so proceed with caution, especially if you are new to leverage.

Lenders can supply single assets in individual vaults or in the Mausoleum to earn interest from the borrowers.

The following sections will contain an overview of the mechanics of leveraged LP farming.

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