Active pools can be seen on the Nursery tab in the Lif3 protocol. These pools have an expiration date, as the entire Nursery runs quarterly. If the team decides to start pools for the next quarter, the community will be told about it through their official social channels, like Discord and Telegram. Pools run for 90 days, or until the end of the quarter. A quarter can be considered a calendar quarter. For example, Q1 is from January 1st through March 31st.


APRs for every pool can be seen on the Nursery homepage in the second column from the left. APRs can be rebalanced at any time at the discretion of the team.


TVL for each pool can be seen in the third column from the left and is a continuous count of the total amount of value, in US dollars, of the asset in the representative pool that is currently staked.


The total amount, in US dollars, a user has deposited in each pool can be shown on the fourth column from the left. This value will change as the value of the tokens changes in the market.


The final column on the Nursery main page is “Earnings,” and this column shows the current amount of $LIF3 tokens rewarded to a user in that particular pool as well as the current USD value of those unharvested tokens.


There is a 0.5% deposit fee for staking in any pool.

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