How to withdraw LP tokens

1.) Select the lending pool whose LP tokens match the ones you want to withdraw. Only those who have deposited LP tokens as described in How to deposit LP tokens are eligible to withdraw. If you have a leveraged position, you can only withdraw as much money as is necessary to keep your position adequately collateralized, which is the available LP tokens.

2.) To access the Withdraw dialog for LP tokens, click Withdraw.

3.) Use the slider or enter the number of LP tokens you want to withdraw in the Withdraw dialog. Click MAX if you want to withdraw all available LPs. You will see a summary of your leveraged position's new leverage and new liquidation prices, as well as the transaction amount (in the token pair) for your withdrawal.

4.) If you need to approve this LP, click Approve and confirm the transaction in your wallet. The update can take a few seconds.

5.) To withdraw the LP tokens and confirm the transaction in your wallet, click Withdraw in the dialog box last.

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