How to borrow tokens using LP tokens as collateral

1.) Determine the lending pool based on the tokens you wish to borrow. Only those who have deposited LP tokens, as described in How to deposit LP tokens, are eligible to borrow tokens.

2.) Once you have selected the pool, the pool will open and default to the Borrow side. Now select the single asset you want and click "Borrow".

3.) Use the slider or enter the number of tokens you want to borrow in the Borrow dialog after selecting the specific token you want to borrow. Click MAX if you want to enter the maximum allowed with one click. You will see a summary of your leveraged position's New Leverage, New Liquidation Prices, Borrow Fee, and Borrow APY.

4.) Click Approve if necessary to accept the borrowed sum and confirm the transaction in your wallet. The update can take a few seconds.

5.) To borrow the tokens and confirm the transaction in your wallet, click Borrow at the end of the window.

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