Designed to be a higher yielding stable asset, L3USD is an attractive option for investors who want to earn more than with traditional stablecoins while still participating in lending and borrowing

L3USD and Curve Finance

L3USD is a new type of stable asset that is designed to be variably collateralized and range around $1 value. Its liquidity is backed by Curve Pools and other stable assets, making it a secure investment option for those looking for stability in the volatile cryptocurrency market.

● Curve Finance is an AMM protocol designed for low-fee stablecoin swapping.

● It provides high volume stablecoin trades with low slippage and tight spreads.

● DeFi users can arbitrage, trade, or provide liquidity to earn fees on L3USD pools.

Unlock Borrowing with L3USD

● L3USD will offer a way to unlock capital with cryptocurrency assets.

● It will allow users to mint L3USD as a stable asset against their decentralized token collateral.

● Offering overcollateralized smart contract loans allow L3USD to always be fully backed by the value of the deposited collateral.

● All of this will be carried out on a fully decentralized platform where only the user will be able to control their funds.

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