Escrowed LIF3

Escrowed LIF3 (esLIF3) can be used in two ways:

  1. Staked for rewards similar to regular LIF3 tokens

  2. Vested to become actual LIF3 tokens over a period of one year

Each staked Escrowed LIF3 (esLIF3) token will earn the same amount of Escrowed LIF3 and FTM rewards as a regular FTM token.

Note that Escrowed LIF3 (esLIF3) is not meant to be transferrable unless you are doing a full account transfer.

The amount of LIF3 or LLP required to vest esLIF3 is unique per account and capped to the rewards received by that account. Please do not buy esLIF3 off the market or OTC as you will not be able to vest them.

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