For the $LSHARE staked to produce rewards in the form of $LIF3 tokens, a condition needs to be met within a single Epoch.


The condition needed is the ratio of $LIF3 to the gas token for the chain the Fountain resides on.

For example, if the “Needed” Ratio is 1.0, then the price of $LIF3 would need to equal the price of $FTM or greater if on the Fantom Opera Chain.

The “Current” ratio is based on a 12-hour Time Weighted Average Price or TWAP.


An epoch refers to an entire cycle in which expansion can take place for the $LIF3 token. Epoch duration is 12 hours. This means that every 12 hours if the condition has been met by the end of the epoch, the Fountain of $LIF3 will release $LIF3 tokens into circulation.


There is a 0.5% deposit fee when staking $LSHARE in the Fountain.


Upon staking $LSHARE in the Fountain, a lock will be placed that will not permit withdrawal of any $LSHARE from the Fountain for 6 epochs (72 hours). In addition to the $LSHARE lock, there will be a lock placed on harvesting rewards for 3 epochs (36 hours).

Any interaction with the Fountain will reset both timers.

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