The protocol Lif3 and its Terrace is experimental. You should only take risks you can afford to lose with any DeFi protocol. Your invested tokens could be completely lost.

Please make sure you are aware of these hazards before moving forward. You accept responsibility for the risks associated and acknowledge your eligibility to use the Terrace by utilizing it.

Among these dangers are the inability to access or use the Lif3 Terrace interface offered at Lif3.com; delays in deposits, withdrawals, or other transaction errors brought on by the interface and/or the Tomb Chain network being unresponsive or offline; an inaccurate display of information on the interface caused by the server or third-party API errors; and errors or omissions in, or loss or damage incurred from the use of, any information displayed on the interface.

The only function of the information shown on the interface is informational. Any decision you make regarding whether to act or not act should not be based on information provided on the interface.


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