How to withdraw supplied tokens

1.) Select the lending pool that you selected when you supplied your tokens. You can only withdraw tokens you supplied for lending.

2.) Once the pool has opened, click on Lending.

3.) To access the Withdraw dialog for the token you wish to withdraw, click Withdraw.

4.) Use the slider or enter the desired withdrawal amount in the Withdraw dialog box. To input the maximum amount allowed, click MAX as well.

5.) Click on Approve and confirm the transaction in your wallet. The update can take a few seconds.

6.) To withdraw these tokens with accumulated interest, click Withdraw in the dialog and then click Confirm in your wallet.

Please be aware that you, as a lender, might momentarily be unable to withdraw your tokens. This may occur if a lending pool's use of supplied tokens is excessive and the pool's liquidity for the token is insufficient. It's possible that lenders won't be able to withdraw all of their tokens at once.

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