The Lif3 Protocol charges borrowers and lenders two different fees. Every time a borrower takes out a new loan, there is a fixed, one-time borrow cost of 0.1 percent. The interest rate model also predicts the accruing interest on loaned tokens over time.

The Lif3 Protocol reserves a portion of the costs (now 10%, ranging from 0% to 20%) paid by borrowers to lenders.

Lending (Single-Sided)

Lenders will only pay a 0.5% deposit fee when supplying tokens to an individual lending pool, but they won't have to pay withdrawal fees.

  • Deposit fee: 0.5%

  • Withdrawal fee: 0%


If their borrow positions are liquidated, borrowers pay liquidators a liquidation incentive (now 4% and ranging from 1% to 5%) on the borrowed amount.

These costs are given to the liquidator as symbols of collateral:

  • 4% liquidation incentive

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