The cost to open / close a position is 0.1% of the position size.

The collateral of long positions is the token being longed, for FTM longs the collateral is FTM and for BTC longs the collateral is WBTC, etc. The collateral of shorts positions is any of the supported stablecoins e.g. USDC.

If a swap is needed when opening or closing a position then the regular swap fee would apply, this fee is 0.2% to 0.8% of the collateral size, the exact fee depends on whether the swap improves balance or reduces it.

There is also an execution fee detailed below which is used to pay for the blockchain network costs.

Execution Fee

There are two transactions involved in opening / closing / editing a position:

  1. User sends the first transaction to request open / close / deposit collateral / withdraw collateral

  2. Keepers observe the blockchain for these requests then execute them

The cost of the second transaction is displayed in the confirmation box as the "Execution Fee". This network cost is paid to the blockchain network.

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