How to supply tokens for lending

1.) Choose the lending pool that matches the tokens you wish to offer. Make sure that these tokens are in your wallet. If not, visit's Swap and exchange the necessary tokens there. (

2.) Click on any pool in the Terrace to open the dialog box specific to that pool.

3.) Click Lending to access the Supply dialog for the token you want to supply.

4.) Click on the Supply button for the token that you wish to supply.

5.) Use the slider or type the desired number of tokens in the Supply dialog. To input the maximum amount allowed, click MAX as well. (Remember that you shouldn't use the MAX function for $TOMB since you'll need it for gas on the Tomb Chain.) The Supply APR for the tokens you supplied will be displayed.

6.) Click Approve if necessary to accept the given sum and confirm the transaction in your wallet. The update can take a few seconds.

7.) To supply these tokens and confirm the transaction in your wallet, click Supply in the dialog box last.

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