How to deleverage LP tokens

1.) Select the lending pool that matches the LP tokens you wish to deleverage. You can only deleverage LPs if you have leveraged LP in the first place, as described in How to leverage LP tokens.

2.) To access the Deleverage dialog for LP tokens, click Deleverage.

3.) Use the slider or enter the number of LP tokens you want to deleverage in the Deleverage window. Click MAX if you want to deleverage all. For your deleveraged position, you will see a summary of the New Leverage, New Liquidation Prices, Repay and Receive Amounts, and the Estimated APR.

4.) To authorize the deleveraged amount and confirm the transaction in your wallet, if necessary, click Approve. The update can take a few seconds.

5.) To deleverage your LP tokens and confirm the transaction in your wallet, click Deleverage in the dialog box.

Be aware that during deleveraging, the LP token collateral is broken down into component tokens and used to pay off the outstanding debt. The remaining tokens are not returned to your wallet as LP tokens but as single tokens in the token pair. Select a lower sum that still falls within the "0 - Infinity" range for Liquidation Prices if you prefer to deleverage and maintain the remaining collateral as LP tokens.

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