How to deposit LP tokens

The loan pool you select should match the LP tokens you wish to deposit. You must have LP tokens in your wallet for the lending pool. To add liquidity for the token pair, go to and then click on the Liquidity tab.

You will see a summary of the data for each borrowable token in the lending pool, including the total supply, total borrowed amount, utilization, supply annual percentage rate, and borrow annual percentage rate.

1.) To access the Deposit dialog for LP tokens, click Deposit.

2.) Use the slider or manually type the number of LP tokens you want to deposit in the Deposit dialog. To input the maximum amount allowed, click MAX as well.

3.) If this is your first time contributing LP tokens to this lending pool, click Approve to confirm the transaction in your wallet and to approve the amount contributed. The update can take a few seconds. Try refreshing the page if the button isn't updated after a few seconds.

4.) To deposit your LP tokens, click Deposit in the dialog box and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

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