Minting and Redeeming

Minting LLP

  • Bridge any of the LLP tokens to Fantom Opera, a list of LLP tokens can be found on the Dashboard.

    • Fees will be lower for tokens that the pool has less of, check the "Save on Fees" section to get the lowest fees

    • You should buy the token with the lowest fees

  • Key in the amount of LLP you'd like to purchase on:

Fees for buying LLP will vary based on which assets the index has less or more of, the Buy LLP page will show which assets have the lowest fee.

After buying your tokens will automatically be staked and you will start earning Escrowed LIF3 (esLIF3) and FTM rewards, you can check your rewards at

Redeeming LLP

Key in the amount of LLP you'd like to redeem at

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